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We care

We believe that, in hard economic times, vendors should work with their channel partners and other companies to provide maximum value – in terms of product offerings and accessibility to our executive management team.

After all, we view ourselves as a vendor and, equally important, as a business partner that understands our associates and customers. We value these relationships. We strive to help. We consider it critical to our success.

That’s why we like to give back – because we genuinely care.

We offer highly competitive pricing without sacrificing product quality and performance. We also launched several initiatives aimed at actively helping small to mid-sized businesses.

These initiatives include:

Control of USB sticks, IPods and other endpoint devices.

This freeware version of GFI EndPointSecurity
gives businesses the ability to monitor endpoint
devices on their networks - Learn more.

Free download

Email security and anti-spam software for SMBs.

GFI MailEssentials users can add disclaimers
to the top or bottom of an email in text or HTML
format at server level - Learn more.

Free download

We encourage you to take advantage of these powerful freeware products that address real IT issues while your business deals with financial constraints.

Direct contact with our executive management team

If you need to speak with a member of GFI's executive management team, send your email to WeCare@gfi.com.
Messages sent to this address are handled with appropriate urgency.