Free monitoring with GFI EndPointSecurity™

Securing all mobile devices with network access needs to be high priority for a business, particularly during an economic downturn. Failing to identify threats, intentional or otherwise, can lead to damaging security breaches that prove costly - both to the business' bottom line and reputation.

GFI EndPointSecurity monitors, logs and controls user access of portable devices with network connectivity. This ensures that an employee's iPhone, iPad, Android device, tablet or USB stick, for example, is properly authorized to transfer any files.

How vulnerable is your company’s network to security breaches?

Download GFI EndPointSecurity today and monitor the mobile devices on your network for free

Functionality is limited to monitoring in freeware mode. But there is no limit on the number of agents that can be deployed, so administrators can immediately gain insight into activity on monitored machines.

To block the user in real time, a license must be purchased. Click here for more information.

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The freeware version of GFI EndPointSecurity is part of our We Care initiative to help other companies in difficult economic times.